UIA award submission

With the Australian Institute of Architects, Communications Collective had the opportunity to tell Melbourne’s story in a bid to become the host city for the worlds most important architectural world congress.


The Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) was a finalist to host the International Union of Architects World Congress (UIA) in 2020. The peak body, representing over 12,000 members of the architectural profession, had two weeks in the current host city of Durban, South Africa, to showcase Melbourne’s architectural landscape and its appeal as a tourist destination.

AIA approached Communications Collective to present Melbourne’s story to the UIA in a bid to host the world’s largest and most important gathering of architects.


Together with iconic architecture photographer John Gollings, Communications Collective created a narrative of Melbourne’s appeal by showcasing its greatest examples of innovative design interwoven with compelling personal accounts from some of the cultural ambassadors who make Melbourne great.

The resulting film was presented in Durban by AIA campaign ambassadors whom Communications Collective coached to deliver with cultural sensitivity to an international audience representing at least fifteen different cultures.


The bid was successful in winning second place, considered a significant achievement when looked at against the quality of the competitive bids.

Services provided:

Creative concept development
Media training
Project management