Account manager Emma Whalan is the newest member of the CC team. Motivated by communicating on behalf of organisations that understand values and purpose, Emma has previously worked for Oxfam and the Australian Federal Police.


Q: What are you most passionate about in the communications industry?

I have always loved working with words, and I love to tell a story for organisations whose messages I believe are purposeful and for the greater good – which is why much of my background is in not-for-profit and community engagement. I am also currently undertaking post-graduate studies in editing so I’m lucky that I get to apply the things I’m learning every day. I’m also lucky that this industry seems to attract great people to work with!


Q: What makes CC a unique place to work?

CC is a unique place to work for a few reasons. Firstly, our Director Genevieve Brannigan is an endless source of industry insight whose open door policy means you always have access to expert knowledge, or someone to brainstorm ideas with. Secondly, our team is a colourful mix of people with different professional backgrounds, skills and interests which are really complementary. Lastly, there is an emphasis on balancing work and play – we are always encouraged to get outside during the day, socialise together when we can, attend industry events and prioritise our health and fitness which I believe contributes to our positive working environment.


Q: How do you stay informed? Where do you get your news and how do you keep up with industry developments?

Each morning as a team we go through the major daily newspapers and I’ll scan industry news online platforms to get a sense of the various media agendas. Personally, my regular news sources are The Australian, ABC News online,, PedestrianTV, and even The Project when I want news which is easy to digest at the end of a day. For industry developments, I enjoy following Mumbrella, AdWeek and articles I receive through my LinkedIn feed. I’m also a fan of SheSays and BusinessChicks and attend their industry events and workshops when I can.


​Q: Is there a trend your clients should be aware of going into 2017?​

I think one of the biggest trends going into 2017 is something we’ve started to see already for a long time, and that’s how we receive our news, or more so, how news finds us. It’s obviously convenient when we’re all so time-poor that we can customise our daily news intake through platforms such as apps, websites, and social media so that we only read about the things we’re interested in, but we also need to be careful that we don’t close ourselves off from being exposed to news that challenges our ideas and opinions.


Q: How would your friends describe you?

I would like to think they’d say I was reliable, funny and honest. They’d also probably say I lack some spontaneity as I tend to plan things right down to the tiniest detail.


Q: Do you have a hidden talent that people might not know about you?

I’m quite good at reverse parallel parks.