Moment, a new public artwork has been in unveiled in the Melbourne suburb of Southbank.

Situated on the Sturt Street façade of new 24-storey apartment building Guild, Moment is a 7 metre by 7 metre permanent steel sculpture work by Melbourne artist Damian Vick.

The three tonne installation, which is suspended above ground level, comprises of over 750 machine cut triangles, each labeled with a system of code Vick developed to enable its exact arrangement and assembly. Assembled off-site into 49 different sections, the work was then constructed by a team of three onto the Guild facade, each section installed in a precise order as mapped out by the artist’s code.

Located adjacent to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Malthouse Theatre and the Victorian College of the Arts, the Guild building lies in the heart of the Southbank art precinct. Recognising this, Kathryn Gunn, Director of the building’s management company PGA Developments Pty Ltd, and Les Smith, director of developer LAS Projects Pty Ltd, saw the opportunity to commission an artwork on the building’s Sturt Street facing façade.

“It was important that the building merge and complement its surroundings” says Gunn.  “We wanted the building to be part of the precinct. For it to engage with passers by and contribute to public amenity, while also playing its part as a significant building in a rich cultural hub”. On selecting Vick as the artist commissioned to create the piece, Gunn says “I’d seen Damian’s work, and had seen he had such a passion for working with sculpture and in making public work”

While Vick is aware that to the passer by, the artwork’s impact will be for the most part visual, the work is strong in concept and meaning. Vick explains: “This sculpture attempts to describe a core truth of our universe; that energy is never created nor destroyed, it is only transferred and transformed as it evolves toward a state of higher entropy. I feel that the work relates to its context in the Arts hub as it embodies the creative energy and progression that is inherent in all creative pursuits.”

Moment is the first major public commission for Vick, who says it his long held dream and passion to make large scale works in a public setting. “I feel very fortunate that this opportunity came my way. It has been a demanding, challenging and rewarding experience and I look forward to the next opportunity”. canada goose outlet canada goose outlet