Working closely with the Australian Financial Review, Communications Collective recently secured an opportunity for two clients to take part in a roundtable discussion about successful succession planning in business.

Co-hosted in Melbourne by the AFR and PwC, the “Successful succession planning” roundtable event was identified by CC as a high value profiling opportunity for clients OpenCorp and Sussex Taps.

In collaboration with AFR’s entrepreneur editor Michael Bailey, CC was pleased to secure positions for OpenCorp’s Allister Lewison and Sussex Taps’ Vanessa Katsanevakis to participate in the discussion.

The roundtable had participants discuss how they navigated the challenges of planning for transition to the next generation in family business, and share their brand story and insights into family business and new leadership.

As a result, five separate pieces of media coverage in the AFR were generated by the roundtable discussion, with Allister and Vanessa featuring prominently throughout.

A major special report on the roundtable findings ran in print and online, and both clients highlighted the importance of open communication in family business, including with the wider staffing group, as key to its success.

“We all have different skill sets, which I think is important for any siblings in business together. Yet we all know each other’s personality, so I know I’ll have to sell a proposal differently to my brother than to my brother-in-law,” Allister said.

Vanessa shared her insights into how a lengthier transition period of handover from her ailing father, allowed her to devise a strategic new business direction for Sussex Taps.

“We had the chance to outline a new vision for Sussex, where we’d maintain the quality of our local manufacturing but also listen more to what the customer was asking for,” Vanessa said.

The subsequent online articles relating to the topic included an inspirational business leadership piece featuring Vanessa to mark International Women’s Day, and commentary from Allister about the importance of seeing staff as part of the ‘extended family business’.

You can read the AFR’s articles here:

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Baby Boomers departure could unleash challenges for family business – AFR March 7th 2017

Women taking on the challenge of running a family business – AFR March 7th 2017 

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We look forward to working closely with the AFR on future roundtable discussions and congratulate Allister and Vanessa on their valuable contributions. bolsos michael kors outlet bolsos michael kors outlet