Hassell is a leading international design practice, with studios across Australia, China, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and United States. Working across everything from arts and culture, education, residential, retail and science, openness and empathy with clients is at the heart of everything Hassell does – a philosophy Communications Collective is proud to share.


Collaborate with Head of Business Development to identify five key business sectors for strategic focus, then develop and execute corporate communications and PR for them across Hassell’s global studios.


We collaborated with Hassell on a communications and PR strategy that aligned with their business objectives and operations in Australia and internationally. A foundational element of our work involved creating knowledge libraries and a thought leadership program so as to facilitate reputation building around their global expertise.


Management of corporate communications was at the core of this approach, with sector-specific strategies created for each of the practice’s key business areas (urban design, commercial, workplace, hospitality, education and health). As an extension of this, we delivered events on behalf of Hassell – including media launches, conferences, client education seminars, and international visits.


Over a two-year period, we secured in excess of 200 articles amounting to a total advertising value of $998,500 and PR value of $2,995,500 with a ROI of over 40 times.


Communications strategy;
Business strategy;
Research design;
Media relations;
Media training;
B2B communications;
Content marketing;
Event management; and
Social media management.