Murray White Room

Gallery director Murray White has an eye for the unusual, as reflected in his choice of artists for Murray White Room, the space he opened 12 years ago. Representing an eclectic group linked by the quality and merit of their work across a range of mediums, rather than specific genres of art, White sets the gallery apart with his intelligence and curatorial authorship.


Drive awareness of and engagement with the gallery; build media interest in its exhibitions; secure partnerships to support it; define an overarching tone of voice.


Communications Collective devised a highly targeted, strategic communications campaign matching messaging with target audiences, primarily new and existing art buyers and collectors in Australia and internationally.


We worked to define key messaging, both for Murray White Room and its exhibitions; promote exhibitions to key media, including collaborations with high profile artists such as Polly Borland, Tony Clark and Sally Ross; secured partnerships for and provided support at events; and promoted and distributed books authored by Gallery Director Murray White.


42 pieces of coverage have been secured in publications such as The Age, The Australian, and Broadsheet; reaching an audience of 5,411,199 (and counting) in 2018 alone, with an equivalent PR value for the 2018 Tony Clark exhibition, for example, of $280,056.


Brand positioning;
Media relations;
Online communications;
Copywriting; and
Event support.