Prebuilt is an industry leader in Australia’s prefabricated housing sector. Prebuilt was conceived as a response to the need for well-designed, high-quality modular buildings bro identified in the Australian market.

Seeing this emerging industry as increasingly important, both regionally and internationally, Prebuilt have harnessed the issues facing today’s construction market to help construct the efficient, mindfully engineered buildings Australia needs for a sustainable future.

Appointed to develop strategic business, marketing and communications strategies, Communications Collective will enhance Prebuilt’s online presence and widen the company’s reach to perspective clients.

Since formation in 2001, Prebuilt has constructed more than 300 houses with budgets ranging from $100,000-$2,500,000. In 2005, Prebuilt expanded into Prebuilt Commercial to foster this success and apply the same principles to the private sector.

Due to the increased efficiency of building offsite, homes are constructed in the 6,500 m2 of indoor factory space in a matter of weeks and installed in a number of days. Prebuilt have also construct a range of government projects and large-scale civic construction projects as well as multi-residential complexes. pulsera pandora pulsera pandora