The inaugural Photobook Melbourne Festival is set to kick-off in February with a weekend of books, photography, coffee and gourmet treats organised by Communications Collective, the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) and Folk Architects.

An artist run zine fair and pop up café will drive the weekend, with exhibitions and opportunities to engage with artists adding to the experience.

Designed by Folk Architects, the CCP Pop Up Cafe will offer a temporary space for patrons to review leading international and local publications while enjoying a freshly roasted Jasper coffee.

As well as orchestrating the weekend, Communications Collective will be utilizing the project to promote CCP’s dynamic gallery space and drive member engagement through a launch event and photography-filled weekend.

“Our audience of photographers and art lovers, who want to support local makers, have been waiting for a festival like this to come along and engage with where the medium of the photobook is going,” says CCP’s Saleeba.

Doubling up as a reading space, the café will be filled with interesting literature and complement CCP’s Photobook Fair, at which leading Photobook publishers and editors from around the world converge with local, independent makers.

Photobook Melbourne Fair & Pop Up Café

14th-15th February
Centre for Contemporary Photography
404 George St, Fitzroy.


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