In 2016 the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) celebrated 30 years of excellence. From silver gelatin to Instagram, the last three decades have seen photography evolve from a specialist practice to being at the heart of culture and communication. Over this time, CCP has played a pivotal role in the support of photo-based arts and public engagement with photography in Australia.

CC worked with CCP to devise a communications and fundraising program to generate awareness, raise vital funding and highlight the value the organisation brings to the community. Along with inviting over 70 global artists to donate works, media initiatives and a social media influencer strategy were developed in order to raise awareness and maximise fundraising opportunities.

CC secured tier-one media coverage including with The Age, Broadsheet and The Guardian.

The fundraiser was an overwhelming success with many of the donated works selling out. Donations and in-kind sponsorship was generated from a range of high-profile and local businesses and organisations, including an exclusive tote bag designed by influential design duo Tin & Ed.

We look forward to seeing CCP’s stellar exhibition line up in 2017. nike air max bw nike air max bw