Do you have a profile on LinkedIn?

If so, you’re one in half a billion (make that 260 million if you’re an active user, or 100 million if you access daily).

If you don’t use LinkedIn, you’re missing out on opportunities, not just for networking and recruitment, but reputation building and thought leadership – within your organisation, industry and beyond.

At Communications Collective, we work with clients across architecture and design, arts and culture, and property and the built environment to ‘influence the influencers’ – and consider LinkedIn an invaluable tool in achieving this.

A recent DDI High Resolution Leadership study revealed leaders who use LinkedIn are:

* 82 percent better at empowering their teams;
* 52 percent stronger at compelling communication;
* 46 percent more influential; and
* 36 percent better at cultivating networks.

Local CEOs are increasingly aware of this; ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott using LinkedIn to speak to employees, customers and counterparts (61 million users are senior level influencers) – and conduct market research.

‘I’ve learnt a lot about what interests people and the things they respond to. I see it as a great way of gathering data, with a relatively high return on a small investment of my time.’

What remains is that your voice will be heard on LinkedIn – think 9 billion content impressions per week from just 3 million users, and an algorithm that still delivers excellent organic reach.

Our own experience proves thought, industry or product leadership content published to the platform out-performs any other social platform – and, in turn, boosts SEO.

Connect to opportunity – get in touch today and we’ll optimise your individual and organisational LinkedIn profiles, and provide training if required to ensure results are achieved.