Urban Developer interviewed ROTHELOWMAN Principal Chris Hayton about his revolutionary convertible apartment design in Hamton’s Sanctuary development.

The following excerpt is published in full on The Urban Developer.

“The global trend for convertible apartment living has reached Melbourne.

Local company Hamton is the latest developer to jump on the craze for innovative smaller apartments that create extra space with movable walls.

Hamton has just completed construction on a collection of seven convertible apartments in the master planned Sanctuary on the River residential development at Abbotsford. Five have already sold prior to the official launch on September 13.

The developer commissioned architecture and interior design firm ROTHELOWMAN to create a unique apartment that offered flexible living options in today’s changing apartment market.

ROTHELOWMAN’s investigations focused on generating volumes that could expand or contract and whether such a space could improve liveability, both spatially and psychologically.

“The key was the ability to use the space in a more flexible way,” ROTHELOWMAN principal Chris Hayton explained.

“The big inhibitor to that is fixed walls. The idea for movable walls isn’t particularly new but it’s about delivering them in a way that is a bit more intelligent and sophisticated. We looked at other examples around the world in cities like Tokyo, London and New York. The challenge was then to turn what we had looked at into a prototype that was viable and realistic.”

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