Open Wealth Creation is a national company comprised of finance and property experts who have helped more than 7000 Australians across more than $4 billion worth of property transactions since their formation.

Ongoing mentoring and guidance is provided to help people build property portfolios and minimise risk as they build wealth.

Appointed to drive the marketing and communications of Open Wealth Creation, Communications Collective will apply expertise from work across the Australian property market to help the growing company implement key strategies as they continue to expand.

A strategic, integrated approach and well formulated communications plan will be devised to assist Open Wealth Corporation service their clients and branch out beyond than their current reach.

With a system based on education to help guide investors, Open Wealth Creation‘s direct communication with clients is crucial to the ongoing growth of the business.

Communications Collective look forward to combining years of experience in the property and finance sectors to help enhance this customer experience and service key stakeholders and clients. air max blancas air max blancas