In Architecture Australia‘s broad examination of the relevance of the architectural monograph to contemporary practice, Hayball’s recently published collection of architectural essays is one of four books reviewed.

Hayball published the book (Exchange: Collaboration, Convergence, Conversations) to celebrate significant achievements over three decades in practice. It’s not a tome of built and unrealised work; rather, the objective was to profile some significant projects and consider the role of architectural design in the changing and wide ranging demands placed upon our built world. Exploring themes such as the changing directions in housing and education, and how successful and site responsive places are created – its essays critically engage with the challenges that face contemporary society and affirm design’s vital role in our futures.

It was Hayball’s partners and clients, as much as our peers, with whom Hayball wanted to connect, and they are proud that the book is recognised for engaging with an audience broader than the profession alone.

“What is most interesting about this book is that it endeavours to chart the wider causal relationships that shape the built environment. This situates Hayball as a conscientious participant in the greater story of urban transformation, rather than a radical forerunner of such change.” – Sam Spurr, reviewer

Gratifying is the conclusion that Exchange documents an Australian firm actively embracing its role of architects-as-strategic design thinkers – a firm intent on its meaningful contribution to comprehensive social and environmental sustainability.

Sam Spurr’s review in Architecture Australia, Mar/Apr 20-14, appears on pages 66-68. Full content will be available online on ArchitecureAU in May 2014.

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