Following the launch of a successful lecture series led by international prefab expert Amy Marks, Communications Collective secured a half-page double feature in the Australian Financial Review.


Creative office pods strike a chord” and “Asian prefabs put heat on builders”, both written by Larry Schlesinger, outline projections for the future of offsite building in Australia.

prefabAUS CEO, Warren McGregor, was interviewed and quoted on the rise of entrepreneurs in the sector. “It’s opening up to clever people who have ideas and can get their supply chains organised, source materials and design something suitable for the local market,” McGregor commented.

Schlesinger’s article outlined the breadth of disciplines which prefab arches over, including; engineering, 3-D design and factory-lined assembly.

The prefab sector “has already created new careers for design engineers from the dying car manufacturing sector,” reads his article.

Alongside this piece on emerging entrepreneurs coming into the market with innovative solutions sat the article on prefabs in Asia. Contributing lessons from the booming industry abroad, Marks drew on the topics of her lecture to form a picture of how the local market can expand and grow.

She told the Australian Financial Review that while Australia’s take-up of prefabrication was on par with other developed countries, it needs to advance in areas such as building information modelling.

“Singapore really understands that government and building authorities need to play a role in incentivising companies to integrate off site construction into their projects,” she said.

The double feature was published on page 44 of The Australian Financial Review on Monday, the 13th of April 2015. air max 90 air max 90