We are proud to be launching a new social enterprise ‘Good Thing’ at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) as a response to the need for the better recycling of clothes and use of sustainable production methods in the fashion industry.

Good Thing shines a light on the industry’s impact in Australia, which is responsible for 2.25 million tonnes per year of residual waste, and hopes to make circular fashion accessible to the everyday consumer.

Industry leaders will come together for a panel discussion presented by Good Thing at VAMFF to show how both sides of fashion can contribute to the circular movement. The event is supported by Communications Collective and moderated by Genevieve Brannigan.

Get to know our speakers below.

The event is at 5:30pm on Thursday 5 March at Kino Cinemas Melbourne. Tickets available here.

Elle Roseby

Elle Roseby is the managing director of Country Road and has been named the most influential retailer in RagTrader’s Power 30. She has made it a priority to put sustainable practices in place to improve traceability across the brand’s supply chain and ensure every product has at least one sustainable attribute. Regarded as an authority in strategic brand development and retail management. Elle has forged a remarkable career with a focus on innovation and collaboration.

Jade Sarita Arnott

Jade Sarita Arnott is Arnsdorf’s founder and creative director. She decided to close the label in 2012 and relaunched it in 2017 under a sustainable fashion business model. Arnsdorf was the first major fashion brand in Australia to obtain a B-Corp Certification, and Arnott is passionate about revealing the costs associated with each garment made, as well as the origin of the fabrics and materials.

Rosie Dalton

Rosie Dalton is a writer and ethical fashion advocate, specialising in conversations around sustainability and craftsmanship. She consults for sustainable brands like Paspaley and Bassike, while writing fashion features for titles like Russh and Jane Magazine. In 2019, Rosie launched the OTC Style Study – a toolkit for conscious consumption.

Gordon Renouf

Offering a digital perspective, Good On You co-founder, Gordon Renouf, is a driving force in the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

The largest app of its kind in the world, Good On You provides brand things, articles and guides on ethical and sustainable fashion.