A lifestyle of luxury and convenience could be yours every day of the week, with an emerging market movement toward the ‘home sweet hotel.’

The hotel residential trend is already widespread overseas, where the very wealthy splash their cash on prime real estate to include access to a concierge and 24-hour room service.

This could soon be the future in Melbourne for more than just the elite, as the design approach sweeps across the city to cater for a range of budgets.

Alicia Lynch, associate interior designer at ROTHELOWMAN, has designed several multi-residential developments inspired by hotels and hospitality aesthetic, including the Sanctuary on the River, in Abbotsford.

Lynch explains that space is its own luxury in apartment living, which has led to a demand for hotel-inspired efficiency and style.

Clever storage solutions and effective lighting, including nightlights, are just some of the luxury apartment features that pay homage to hotels.

“We’ve had a huge year for international influence in Australian development,” Lynch told Domain. “I think within the multi-residential development, particularly those where urban density is much higher, we are going to see this trend stay for a while.”

The hotel residential movement has also seen communal areas, including ‘living lobbies,’ that contain bars and workspaces become prevalent, as interest in meeting the neighbours becomes more important for residents.

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