A successful thought leadership profile is absolutely fundamental for any modern-day professional.

Industry growth and achievement requires leaders who have expertise, can inspire others to act, and most importantly, possess a unique vision.

In today’s digital dependent world, a strong online presence established via the use of social media is key to achieving a successful thought leadership profile. Social media platforms Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram offer the opportunity for knowledgeable commentary to be established, with the ability to be recognised on a global scale.

In order to successfully deliver content, there must be an understanding of your key message. The best campaigns are carefully targeted and executed to achieve a credible business profile. Industry and company-specific updates work to ensure that your digital engagement inspires important public interaction and conversation.

Hand in hand with this appreciation for your intended demographic is an extensive knowledge of best practice. Using social media is a lot like travelling to a foreign place; you won’t be making any friends unless you follow social convention. Social media requires concise and topical content, published in a timely fashion that’s in line with industry trends and discussion.

It is imperative that businesses understand one individual cannot be expected to be an expert on every social media platform. Rather, professionals should play to their strengths and demonstrate their thought leadership potential through their preferred medium. By successfully displaying passion and vision, social media can create genuine brand credibility and a widespread leadership profile can be realised.

At Communications Collective, we consider the development of a thought leadership profile integral to any corporate communications strategy. Allowing media publications, potential clients and influencers to be simultaneously and seamlessly leveraged is intrinsic to success.


Twitter trades on fast-paced, direct communication for informative articles and succinct opinions to be shared. The platform enables users to follow key influencers, and connect with those interested in industry practice.

Of all social media platforms, it is frequented the most by the media, who use Twitter as a primary means to discover breaking news and developing trends, often frequents the tool.


Instagram is an opportunity to showcase what you and your business are about. The mobile app encourages visualised communication of brand messages – a decidedly unique engagement opportunity.

The platform allows businesses to present exceptional design, and create an aesthetically diverse message. Instagram can successfully entice a new audience, whilst maintaining existing followers, by targeting those who respond to visual cues over written content.

The platform highlights a growing need for businesses to create a wider range of content, in order to establish a knowledgeable and influential social media profile.


LinkedIn is a key communication facilitator tailored for professionals and companies. The site of over 380 million members encourages opinions to be leveraged, and offers professional individuals the opportunity to represent their industry and business.

Key senior staff can act as ambassadors, and through the production of up to date content, brand messages are kept fresh and in circulation. LinkedIn presents a distinct opportunity for personal network of professional connections to be established.

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