The doors of Melbourne’s much-loved Hotel Esplanade are once again open following an extensive renovation undertaken by Technē Architecture + Interior Design.

Since 1878, The Espy has had many lives; a Victorian-era seaside resort, the home to notable personalities such as entrepreneur, art collector and philanthropist Alfred Felton, a jazz-era ballroom and in more recent times, a rock and roll mainstay.

Continuing a ten-year partnership, Technē has collaborated with owners Sand Hill Road throughout the design process, generating an ambitious response that brings to light the history and story of the heritage hotel.

The impressive scale of the venue, encompassing 12 bars, two restaurants, three live music areas and numerous discrete spaces, has extended Technē’s entire working process and is the practice’s most complex hospitality project to date.

“The design is unique because it focuses entirely on historical layering. Different eras and styles call to each other across the spaces – making for an eclectic customer exploration – and this is united throughout by exposing the good bones of the original building,” says Technē Director Justin Northrop.

Grandeur and grunge perfectly intersect to capture 140 years of Espy history, ensuring that any connection patrons have with the venue will not be easily discarded.

The timeless design revives the iconic building, now reborn for another 100 years of present and future patrons. Communications Collective is proud to work alongside Technē to communicate the relaunch of the iconic Espy.

“There’s something about this Hotel that captures the imagination like no other,” says Sand Hill Road Director Matt Mullins.