ROTHELOWMAN’s Liverpool Central will benefit from infrastructure investment and inevitable employment growth in Sydney’s west.

Communications Collective secured this article in The Sydney Morning Herald on December 16, 2015.

Liverpool is transforming with the proposal of new infrastructure projects, a second airport and ROTHELOWMAN’s $120 million development.

The Liverpool Central project, made up of two medium-rise towers and a total of 240 apartments, is part of the NSW development strategy to create more employment clusters, says Ben Pomroy, director of ROTHELOWMAN.

The area is set to become a major employment hub, with employment opportunities throughout the Liverpool CBD, Liverpool Hospital and Sydney’s second airport.

As population growth continues so to do the amount of apartment approvals. This allows for the creation of more opportunities for potential projects.

Liverpool Central is ROTHELOWMAN’s first project in the region that will capitalise on investment in this area.

More information on Liverpool Central can be read here.

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