Workplace facilities and design have emerged as the important factors for jobseekers when assessing potential employers. New research, conducted by international design firm HASSELL and Empirica Research, shows workplace culture and facilities placed second and third to salary in their influence upon candidates’ choice of employer.

The research findings show that providing appealing workplace facilities doubles the attractiveness of an employer to candidates (regardless of the combination of other consistent variables). Providing additional staff facilities (such as gyms, childcare, outdoor spaces, etc) are the most effective way of increasing a workplace’s appeal.

The findings also show the critical role of design. Statistics show a ‘creative, modern’ workplace design triples the appeal of workplace facilities to candidates over ‘conservative, corporate’ designs. This aesthetic description of the workplace was more influential on candidates’ attraction to a workplace than the individual workpoint they were to be allocated (i.e. office, desk, or unassigned desk as in ABW solutions).

HASSELL Principal Steve Coster said the research proved employers could use workplace design as a low-cost means to attracting staff and building employee loyalty. The implications were significant for businesses competing for talent in a cost-constrained environment where employees’ salaries account for 85 per cent of costs compared to the 15 per cent spent on workplace construction, fit-out, maintenance and management.

AFR featured the HASSEL/Empirica research in todays Life & Leisure. You can read the piece online here
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