The continuing growth of social media not only validates the need for businesses to be engaged with social media but also increases pressure for businesses to quantitatively prove that their social media activities are performing in a business context.

Traditionally measuring the impact of social media activities has presented problems for businesses, but it doesn’t need to.

The Return on Influence (ROI) framework developed by Digital Royalty is a useful tool to help businesses measure, monitor and benchmark their social media interactions and activities.

Influence is the ability to convert static fans and followers into actions with positive outcomes for your brand: click-throughs, subscriptions, media consumption and sales.

All businesses have this influence in all their social media interactions and the framework allows them to measure it in the same way.

ROI is measured by combining traditional figures, such as reach, frequency and volume, together with more intangible factors, like sentiment, virality and engagement levels. It is these intangible factors that provide the greatest insights yet are also seen as the most problematic.

What many businesses don’t realise is that the two-way interactive nature of social media activities provides opportunities to measure sentiment and engagement in ways that one-way promotions never could.

This combination of both qualitative and quantitative factors results in a single influence figure that provides real insight into how your social media activities are being received.

The next step is to associate influence to investment. By using the ROI framework, a direct association can be made between the two and a per-fan/follower value easily calculated.

By adopting a framework such as the ROI your business can better measure, monitor and understand the impact of your social media activities, as well as benchmark your progress and success.


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