OpenCorp’s Matthew Lewison spoke with Business News Australia’s Nick Nichols about the company’s steady growth and success so far.

In the article featured on Business News Australia on 27 January 2016, Lewison discusses the company’s unique crowdsourcing model and the benefits that everyday investors are able to enjoy as a result.

The model resonates with investors and provides increased confidence through the inclusion of full product disclosure statements and the knowledge that Lewison and his fellow directors will manage and personally invest in each development as well.

Lewison explains to Nichols why taking a conservative approach has been a positive for OpenCorp, particularly in avoiding the burden of debt and ensuring that each project is carefully sought out.

“We had some really good buying in Brisbane for a few years, but it’s getting tougher and eventually we’ll get squeezed out of that market. We’ll be looking for other markets where our conservative assumptions will still allow us to buy sites.”

Read the full article here.


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