RMIT Design Hub presents WORKAROUND, engaging with a movement of women focused on advocacy and activism within an expanded field of architecture.

In a radical exploration of the possibilities for an architectural exhibition, WORKAROUND is presented as a series of 15 daily ‘episodes’ staged as live events and modelled on a broadcast television format.

The exhibition takes place in RMIT Design Hub’s Project Rooms from Wednesday 25 July to Saturday 11 August, 2018.

The program, curated by Kate Rhodes and Fleur Watson (RMIT University) and Naomi Stead (Monash University), engages 14 Australian design practitioners and collectives. In addition, the curators will present a 15th episode exploring curatorial activism.

WORKAROUND’s practitioners are Simona Castricum; Esther Charlesworth; Pippa Dickson; Pia Ednie-Brown; Harriet Edquist; Mary Featherston; Guest, Riggs (Kate Riggs + Stephanie Guest); Amy Learmonth; Helen Norrie; OoPLA (Tania Davidge + Christine Phillips); Parlour; Sam Spurr; SueAnne Ware; and XYX Lab (led by director Dr Nicole Kalms and core members of the Lab).

Each episode of WORKAROUND will focus on the invited practitioner, their practice and the creative ‘workarounds’ they have devised.

“Motivated by the increasing urgency of the challenges we all now face – environmental, social and professional – these women work in, beside and around architecture to find the workarounds, both personal and professional, for themselves as well as others, that are necessary to effect change,” RMIT Design Hub curator Kate Rhodes says.