Steve Coster, HASSELL‘s Head of Knowledge and Sustainability, spoke to BRW on how to design spaces that employees can identify with in order to encourage productivity.

In the 50 best places to work issue, Coster explained, “You get more return through a sense of identity than you do through extra salary. And the office is one really obvious opportunity to instil a sense of identity and belonging to your workforce. There’s a shared purpose, shared contribution – all those things that really motivate people.”

Organisations have to take into account the wants of prospective employees and understand that your value proposition as an employer is intrinsically linked to the work environment you create.

“The best models for the next generation of workplaces are actually university environments for students, learning commons or student hubs, where groups of students work in a  self-organising, self-directed, group-based way in a completely self-organising space to do their work together,” says Coster.

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