Cantilever Interiors introduces their redefining kitchen, Tableau, a new, innovative, furniture-based kitchen system. Born of a two-year collaboration with renowned Melbourne-based studio DesignOffice.

Blending thoughtful luxury with functional adaptability. Tableau is the fourth system from design-led, sustainable kitchen manufacturer Cantilever, further developing the brand’s portfolio of contemporary, flexible Australian-made kitchen systems.

Comprised of a series of versatile, considered components, the name Tableau refers to the striking way in which the system’s various elements come together to create a range of kitchen solutions in a visually unified composition.

The new system continues Cantilever’s signature approach to quality and build, most notably in solid timber handles and corners machined from solid timber blocks. Combining hand-crafted details with an evolved, elegant aesthetic. Tableau demonstrates Cantilever’s strength in blending innovative manufacturing processes with a refined approach to high-end design.

For Cantilever director Travis Dean, Tableau is the ultimate expression of the brand’s dedication to marrying form and function in the practical application of design.

“At Cantilever, we aim to continually drive our expertise in the long-term functional applications of design. Our mission with Tableau was to blend high-end design with ease of use to ultimately create a product that would stand the test of time,” says Dean.

“Tableau is a considered product – an exercise in tailored design – that we hope appeals to discerning consumers, builders and architects who value sustainable, refined and user-centred design.”

In working with DesignOffice, Cantilever embarked on its first ever design collaboration, choosing the Melbourne design studio for their strength in colour, palette and material resolution.

“DesignOffice approaches design and detail with the same rigour and focus that Cantilever enjoys, making a collaboration between our businesses very rewarding,” explains Dean.

DesignOffice identified and designed the core colour palette in four suites, to offset the veneer and solid oak highlights. The effect is one of both quiet luxury and natural harmony, rendering Tableau a classic expression of contemporary Australian design.

“The collaborative input from both sides was critical in creating something which is refined and crafted, underpinned by Cantilever’s many years of specialist experience in the design and manufacture of kitchens,” says Creative Director of DesignOffice, Mark Simpson.

While Tableau continues Cantilever’s legacy of sustainable manufacturing and timeless design, it is a distinctly luxurious iteration of the brand’s offering.

“It’s our goal that each Cantilever Kitchen system provides a distinct point of difference in the range; a unique detail or finish that separates its product identity from others. Tableau stands apart for its colour offering, luxurious materialisation and refined, statement-making design,” says Dean.

Image by Haydn Cattach