A joint venture between two Melbourne based companies has produced a genuine innovation in the development and construction of multi-levelled buildings.

Builder and manufacturer Unitised Building Australia (UB Australia) and architecture firm Elenberg Fraser have developed KLIK – a design system that delivers new efficiencies and possibilities in modular, prefabricated construction of houses, hotels, apartments and towers.

Harnessing the technical innovations pioneered by UB Australia’s pre-fabricated building system, Elenberg Fraser has developed a range of set modules, typologies, facades and configurations to achieve a diverse range of market-ready building solutions.

The assembly of pre-fabricated modules has already been heralded as a construction method that delivers significant savings in both construction time and materials. KLIK takes the concept to its purist expression, creating an architectural tool that offers consistency and quality assurance across every element of construction.

A product that is the first of its kind in Australia, KLIK is designed and constructed in Melbourne.

KLIK was launched this week as part of The New Joneses sustainable living event. An event celebrating sustainable living and the spirit of ‘new consumption’, a couple have spent the week living on display to the public, with only the essentials on hand.

A sustainable apartment designed and manufactured using the KLIK system will be craned into position and used as the accommodation for The New Joneses couple. The KLIK apartment demonstrates that even the housing we live in can use fewer materials, create less waste, embody less energy and have increased recyclability.

For more information contact the Communications Collective. 

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