The Centre for Contemporary Photography’s (CCP’s) first exhibitions for 2016 open today, exploring diverse themes from some of Australia’s finest emerging and established photographic talent.

The exhibitions span across 5 galleries at the centre in Fitzroy, including one ‘Night Projection Window’.

James Tylor will be taking over Gallery 1 with his photographic series titled Aotearoa, my Hawaiki, which represents his ideological connection to New Zealand through his Maori ancestry. “It also highlights my disconnection from the physical place of New Zealand due to not having grown up there, because my Maori family migrated to Australia so many generations ago,” Tylor said.

In Gallery 2 will be Christopher Daly’s exhibition New Reading Order, which brings together imagery from his own photographic archive, combining ideas that don’t function as a narrative or series. Daly explains that he’s asking his audience to interpret each image on their own, and to discard the need to find clear rationale or understanding.

Janina Green has selected images from her 30-year career to be displayed in Gallery 3 under the title Dark Matters, which make observations about motherhood, domesticity, teaching and sexual politics. To accompany her work, Green has produced a set of notes which offer a greater level of insight into her work and the context of her photographs.

In Gallery 4 will be Primitive Nostalgia, a video performance piece by Caroline Garcia, that sees her inserted into a range of dance performances donning various costumes and moves. Garcia openly uses stereotypes in her performance, allowing her to comment from within each cultural framework represented.

CCP’s Night Projection Window, which can be viewed from Kerr and George Streets during the evening, will be displaying Beyond Setting Suns; a video piece by Kate Mitchell. In the video, the artist is seen infinitely jumping through large-scale prints of sunsets, representing the everlasting chase of utopia that might never be satisfied.

These exhibitions will run from 5 February – 23 March 2016.

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