Spring1883 was staged from 1–4 August 2018 as part of Melbourne Art Week, with 24 galleries showcasing work from the region and beyond across four levels of the heritage Hotel Windsor. A departure from the typical white box art fair format, the fair taps into the trend of galleries seeking more immersive ways of exhibiting art – and audiences prioritising experience. Founded in 2014, Spring1883 alternates between Melbourne’s Hotel Windsor and The Establishment Sydney.


Build awareness of and spark visitation to the fair; expand the reputations of co-founders; cement the event’s position on Australia’s cultural calendar.


An integrated, publicity-focused media campaign – with Morris Hargreaves McIntyre’s cultural segmentation model applied to understand audiences and how to best reach them.


Unique pitches were created and matched to key media targets – with particular care taken to promote gallerists, ensuring return on their PR investment and ongoing involvement with the fair. Social media was used to drive awareness of and attendance to the event among existing and new audiences, with arts and design in uencers supplied with social toolkits to empower sharing ahead of the event.


Mainstream and niche coverage was secured across television, radio, print and online, reaching a potential audience of 15 million; a preview in The Design Files was a de nite highlight. The outcome was signicantly heightened awareness of and record visitation to the fair, as well as #spring1883 trending on Instagram locally.


Media relations;
Event assistance; and
Event activation.