Communications Collective is a full-service agency working across all aspects of communication. From the corporate world to the creative sector, national media campaigns to one-off events, we offer a diverse range of services that can be integrated and tailored to meet the needs of any brand or business.


Public relations

Taking PR beyond its traditional scope, we pride ourselves on developing integrated strategies that communicate key messages in a fresh and effective way.

As a trusted source of relevant, newsworthy leads to the media, we enable our clients to engage audiences, build and manage brands, and develop as opinion leaders.

Decades of experience, prosperous media relationships and an intimate knowledge of the media landscape make us experts at finding stories, telling them and measuring their outcomes.


Strategy is our strength. Through close and ongoing collaboration with our clients’ senior management, we develop strategies that identify goals, create opportunities and lead to real outcomes.

Built on a rock-solid foundation of experience and expertise, our approach is underpinned by in-depth market research, stakeholder consultation, and competitor and environmental analysis to ensure our strategies add value and drive businesses forward.

Social media

The power of social media is undeniable and through strategies incorporating both organic and paid means, we build audiences and persuade them to act. We curate the perfect visuals and pair them with captions that are bound to resonate while ensuring key brand messages and values are conveyed at each touchpoint. The social media landscape is constantly changing and we remain at the forefront of the latest features and algorithms to cut-through news feeds.


If you can’t write effectively you can’t communicate effectively. With bylines in major newspapers and magazines, our experienced publicists and copywriters know how to craft a compelling story. We produce smart, editorial-ready content and concise, on-point copy for a host of marketing and communications activities. Online or in print, in short or long form, we can craft the right message for any medium.

Content marketing

Engaging content is the centrepiece of brand communication. Relevant and genuine content is a natural way for companies to engage with their customers and stakeholders. Through collaboration and understanding our client’s businesses, we help create customer-focused content that engages audiences and forges lasting relationships.

Issues management

We understand that sub-optimal situations can arise in business but through preparedness and the development of a solid issues management strategy, situations can be weathered while keeping brand reputation intact. We identify risk, liaise with stakeholders and manage responses to ensure brand integrity endures despite a potential storm.

Digital communication

From SEO and social media engagement to website architecture and database management, we thrive on digital. Today, digital is as integral to a successful campaign as print and broadcast media. At Communications Collective we seamlessly integrate digital channels into all communication activities.

We have crafted a range of award-winning digital campaigns that have enabled organisations to connect with stakeholders, engage target audiences and build online communities.

Engagement marketing and event management

From concept development to execution, Communications Collective excels in creating memorable events and innovative engagement marketing experiences for a variety of cultural, corporate and not-for-profit organisations.

Whether staging a brand launch, conference or pop-up outdoor activation, our creative team leaves no touchpoint unchecked, ensuring audiences are captivated and get the right message.

Media training

For any organisation wanting to better understand and handle the media, we can create tailored courses and workshop sessions that will empower participants to do just that. We have delivered media training programs for national industry associations, large corporations, SMEs and individual company managers and directors.


Our research enables organisations to ensure money and energy is spent where it matters, and with confidence. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis such as focus groups, news tracking and competitor analysis, we find the information needed to help businesses practice informed, insightful decision making.

Creative production

Photography, videography, graphic design and styling are some of the extras that support our broader communications activities. From getting the brief just right to execution, we put ideas into action and create collateral that can be used for many years to come.