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CONTEXT Landscape Architecture

Over their 30-year history, CONTEXT Landscape Architecture’s impact on urban environments and landscaped spaces has been profound. The studio’s projects are visionary and inspired - addressing some of the most significant challenges facing natural and urban environments today, such as mitigating the effects of climate change, designing for Country, urban renewal and regeneration, and improving connectivity via a human-centered approach to design. From space master planning, city-shaping projects, and the detailed design and delivery of public spaces, streets, parks, and places of cultural importance, the scope of the studio’s work is far-reaching. With an established leading market position, the team is trusted by project partners, clients, and collaborators to deliver design-led landscapes that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. With a new CEO Hamish Dounan, at the helm, CONTEXT has sought to reposition the studio and refine its brand narrative, communicate its impressive legacy, emphasise its value-adding approach, and articulate why its operations have earned widespread industry recognition.

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The challenge was how CONTEXT’s communications approach could best support the delivery of its key business objectives. These included navigating how to celebrate both the studio’s rich history as well as its renewed vision for the future under new leadership, using the appropriate mix of channels to drive brand awareness amongst key target audiences effectively, as well as demonstrating the studio’s leadership and engagement within the industry to ensure it is top of mind among key decision-makers.


CC developed a comprehensive brand and communications strategy – focusing on demonstrating CONTEXT’s values, expertise, approach, and projects in a way that engaged key target audiences and amplified their leadership in landscape architecture and urban design outcomes. The cross-channel communications strategy centered around key areas: project milestone news, thought leadership, research and commentary content, and profiling opportunities for the studio’s leadership team.


CC has positioned CONTEXT to acknowledge the studio’s rich history and outline a future-focused narrative for the business and its new leadership. CC has delivered a series of project milestone and thought leadership press campaigns, with communications plans crafted to speak to target audiences including industry peers and prospective clients.
A robust owned channel content approach was formed to amplify the communicative effect, solidifying the brand’s status, achievements, and success across multiple channels, resulting in broad reach and awareness.

To maintain and elevate the studio’s reputation, CC has provided strategic recommendations and guidance for best practice communications with the industry, clients, and the media.


Over a eleven-month period, CC has secured almost 43 articles amounting to a total PR value of $265,000, and a combined reach of 15,000,000+.


combined PR value


total combined reach

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