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Orchard Piper is Melbourne’s leading luxury property developer, amassing 13 years’ experience delivering bespoke architectural outcomes for the built environment.

Each Orchard Piper development is realised through a meticulous design and construction process in close collaboration with local and international design leaders and industry specialists.

The integrity of this highly collaborative and design-driven approach are qualities in which CC embodies, and we are thrilled to be working alongside Orchard Piper for their upcoming works in a portfolio that now is in excess of $1.1 billion.

Toorak Village, Toorak, Orchard Piper. Render by Gabriel Saunders.


With the ever-changing landscape and trends that lie within luxury development, Orchard Piper has sought to communicate its point of difference and unique, tailored business model to Melbourne’s most affluent, as well to key and prospective clients. Notable for its work in the luxury residential sector, Orchard Piper is expanding its portfolio to further include mixed-use development, including commercial, retail, accommodation and hospitality developments and partnerships.

CC crafted a tailored corporate communications strategy that sought to establish an effective narrative that could connect with key markets across owned and earned channels. Messaging and project-specific content and brand positioning catered to communicating the brand’s prestige and commitment in delivering high-quality development. Additionally, this sought to communicate Orchard Piper’s connectivity with industry players to seed interest and elevate its reputation as Orchard Piper traverses boundaries into new and emerging sectors.


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We were attracted to Communications Collective's extensive understanding and knowledge of the residential and commercial property market, as well as their astute understanding of the luxury landscape. As we look to diversify into new sectors and larger-scale projects, CC's experience and collaboration with some of Australia's most influential figures in property, architecture, design, arts and culture has produced a tailored communications approach that has enabled us to amplify our work and success to key markets.

With a forward-thinking lens on the future and an ability to predict and cater to trends, CC's vast network across industries and an ability to nurture these relationships have played a significant role in achieving and exceeding our communications goals.

Orchard Piper Director Luke McKie
370 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Orchard Piper. Render by Gabriel Saunders.
370 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Orchard Piper. Render by Gabriel Saunders.